Google unifying chat under Babel moniker?

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If recent leaks are to be believed, Google is working on unifying its chat services under the moniker Babel. The project would bring together Google’s Talk application, Google+ chat, Gmail chat, providing a consistent experience across Android and iOS devices initially, with a potential move to other mobile platforms in the future.  Google Voice has also been rumored to be included in the Babel integration, though Droid-Life contends this likely won’t happen in the initial launch.

Still, a unified chat service across the Google+, Gmail, Chrome, Android, and iOS is sorely needed, as the service can sometimes feel a bit jumbled across services. Ironically, Google’s choice in name for the unified service, Babel, finds its etymological roots in the Hebrew word balal, which means “to jumble” (via Wikipedia). Babble, the originally rumored name for the unified service, shares a similar meaning, from The Free Dictionary, to babble means “to utter a meaningless confusion of words or sounds.”

Droid-Life goes on to point out that Babel could be a code-name for the service, and not end up being the final moniker. While I understand the tie in between a chat application and a play on words of the word “babble,” I believe unifying the chat service under the Google Talk name makes a lot more sense, and avoids the negative connotations associated with the word babble. Regardless of what they decide to call the unified chat service, I’m excited to finally have a cross-platform solution for Google Talk, which I use on a near-constant basis.

We should know more about Babel, Google Talk, or whatever they decide to call it at Google I/O in a little over a month.

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