First Google Glass units roll off production line as technical specs and companion app emerge

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Google Glass is the realization of every tech nerd’s dream, a computer you wear on your face which displays and captures information of the world around you. Glass is widely viewed as the next step towards a world in which we’re connected on a near 24/7 basis, with information constantly being streamed to our retinas as quickly as we can say “Hello, Glass.”

The first Google Glass units rolled off the production lines yesterday, and the units are nearly ready to make their way to anxious developers who’ve paid Google $1,500 for the privilege to be the first outside Google to don the technology. With the news came details of the specifications of the production model. Glass will feature a display equivalent

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to a 25″ HDTV viewed from a distance of 8 feet, the camera is capable of taking 5 megapixel images and recording at 720p HD, and there will be 16GB of storage onboard (12GB of usable space). Audio is delivered via a bone conduction transducer, and charging will be handled via the standard microUSB. The one downside is that battery technology has yet to catch up with such a device, and Glass will need to be charged on a daily basis.

Alongside the Glass prototypes, Google also launched the MyGlass companion app, which Glass users will utilize to customize their HUD, as well as full API documentation for developers to study prior to the release of the application development interface. The Android application will let you choose which types of information is pushed to your Glass display, as well as provides information about your unit, including the ability to locate your glasses should you misplace them. Google Glass will also be ad-free to start, though Google may reconsider that notion at a later date.

More information on Glass and the first end-user reviews of the prototypes will hit the wires over the next several weeks, and the technology will likely be a major focus of the Google I/O conference, which kicks off in just about a month.

Via: Engadget, 9 to 5 Google

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