AT&T to launch the HTC One on April 19th starting at $200 for 32GB (Update: Sprint too)

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AT&T has officially confirmed launch information for the highly-anticipated HTC One handset. The

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One will launch on April 19th, exactly two months after the device was unveiled at HTC’s press events in New York City and London. HTC’s flagship faced a minor delay due to a strained supply of components needed to manufacture the devices, aided by HTC no longer being viewed as a top-tier customer by suppliers.

Many feared the delay would push the One’s launch behind that of Samsung’s Galaxy S4, and though the One will still beat the S4 to market by a few days, the company has lost any meaningful first-to-market advantages it may have had over the S4, and HTC will need to pour money into marketing if it hopes to compete with Samsung’s vast pool of marketing dollars.

Preorders for the HTC One on AT&T will begin April 4th at 1PM CST. The final price point for the 32GB variant will be $199.99 with a new two-year contract, and the 64GB model will retail for $299.99. Off-contract pricing has yet to be announced, but we expect it’ll fall in the $550 to $700 range depending on model.

Will you be picking up an HTC One when the device launches in a few weeks?

Update: Sprint will also carry the HTC One starting 4/19. Sprint will only offer the 32GB version of the phone, for the same $200 price point as on AT&T. The 64GB model is an AT&T exclusive.

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This article was written by Anthony Domanico

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