AT&T announces Galaxy S4 pricing; 16GB for $200, 32GB for $250

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Just one day after AT&T announced pricing and availability for HTC’s flagship One phone, the company released similar information for the Samsung Galaxy S4. AT&T originally indicated the S4 would retail for $250, though that price point is reserved for the higher-capacity 32GB version of the device. A 16GB S4 will also be available for the standard $200 price point. We’re still without a launch date for the devices, though preorders will be available starting April 16th, with an expected launch date at the end of April.

The chosen price points for the S4 are interesting for two reasons. First, with all eyes on HTC’s One as the company hopes to stage a comeback against the mighty Samsung, The One will offer double the storage as the S4 for the same price. The 32GB HTC One will be priced similarly to the 16GB Galaxy S4, with that added bonus potentially pushing a few customers over into HTC’s camp. Though with cloud storage becoming more and more important, consumers much more often opt for the lower-cost, lower-storage devices (Via: @ryannegri), so

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who knows how sales will end up panning out.

A second related point, and perhaps more importantly, is the price difference Samsung and AT&T chose between the different storage options. We’re accustomed to seeing a $100 jump for each storage tier with the iPhone and even HTC’s One, but Samsung will only charge an additional $50 for that extra 16GB of storage. As the cost of storage comes down, will we see this trend continue, or will handset makers and carriers continue to charge through the teeth for extra storage space? Samsung, at least, is making movements in the right direction, and hopefully others will follow suit.

The Galaxy S4 is coming soon to AT&T starting at $200. Will you be choosing the S4 as your next Android smartphone, or are you destined for the (HTC) One?

Via: AT&T

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