HTC launching the One today, will be DOA unless they can market it

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Today, HTC will unveil the HTC One, their latest superphone geared toward the high-end of the smartphone market. It’ll be pretty, powerful (we’ll bring you specs and a roundup of first impressions once the device launches), and many an Android enthusiast will likely be blown away by the device in total. But unless HTC decides to pour money into the One’s marketing campaign, the phone may face HTC with the same problems it saw with the original One line, with staggering sales that leave the company struggling to find the black.

The HTC One X was a dream machine worthy of finding itself in many consumer pockets, but when it came to actual sales figures, the One X (and One S, One V) were overwhelmingly outsold by the Samsung Galaxy S III. This led to significant financial challenges for HTC in 2012, with the company on the decline since the glory days of Android, when HTC was synonymous with the Android operating system.

HTC has previously shown that it at least understands the concept of marketing, with the company’s Quietly Brilliant line of ads having a positive impact on the company’s reputation. But the problem was the “quietly” part. Faced with declining sales and Samsung’s rise to Android dominance, it’s time for HTC to get loud with its marketing campaign for the new One series. HTC needs to vocally show consumers that HTC’s solution to the smartphone is the best, that Sense UI will make our lives easier, and that their products are continually rated in the top-tier of hardware quality.

If HTC struggles to get the message right, or worse, fails to put the message out entirely, they’re going to continue to struggle in 2013. The timing will be extremely important for HTC, as simply having the best hardware out at the right time isn’t enough. The competition is not simply resting on their laurels, and in just under a month, Samsung will allegedly launch the Galaxy S IV, aiming to sell 100 million of these devices worldwide. Clearly, the time is now for HTC to return to relevance in the ever-crowded Android market, and marketing is likely the only way they’re going to get there.


This article was written by Anthony Domanico

Anthony is the Editor in Chief of Techgress, and a big mobile and gaming geek. He's covered mobile technology for the better part of three years, and gets excited about shiny, new things. He currently uses an iPhone, iPad Mini, and Nexus 7, but Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry devices are never too far away.



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