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Welcome to Techgress, your new home for all things mobile.

In the coming days, we’ll be bringing you hands-on coverage from CES 2013, the largest electronic trade show on the planet. You’ll see us go hands-on with all the coolest gear we can find at the show, as well as coverage of developments from your favorite mobile companies. And yes, probably more than a few startups.

Beyond CES, Techgress will continue to cover major industry news though in a slightly different way. Rather than simply regurgitating the news already covered by other news outlets, Techgress will provide insights as to what the news means to you, and the impact it may have on the market as a whole. We’ll also provide in-depth reviews of gadgets, applications, and other mobile goodies.

So grab a chair, add a bookmark, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and enjoy the site!

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This article was written by Anthony Domanico

Anthony is the Editor in Chief of Techgress, and a big mobile and gaming geek. He's covered mobile technology for the better part of three years, and gets excited about shiny, new things. He currently uses an iPhone, iPad Mini, and Nexus 7, but Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry devices are never too far away.


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