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Studies have repeatedly shown that a significant portion of smartphone owners use their devices to indulge in some form of casual gaming. While the Angry Birds franchise has been the runaway favorite consumers have turned to (and, which has made app maker Rovio boatloads of money), another fan favorite to date Temple Run, which as of August 2012 had been downloaded over 100 million times by iOS and Android users, and played a total of over 10 billion times by these users.

The concept behind Temple Run is fairly simple; your character has stolen some relic of ancient times, and is now being chased by the relic’s guardian monkeys through a never-ending maze filled with collectables, obstacles, and other things attempting to take your character’s life. The purpose of Temple Run is to survive as long is possible until you meet your untimely demise.

There have been a few branded follow-up games to Temple Run; Temple Run: Brave was a mashup of Temple Run gameplay and the lead heroine from Disney Pixar’s Brave film, for example, but a true sequel to the game had not yet been unleashed.

Until now.

Today, developer Imangi Studios is releasing Temple Run 2, which brings more of the same Temple Run gameplay users have come to know and love, but with some key enhancements that’ll keep the game interesting. Most visibly are improvements to the graphics of the game, which now feature four playable characters that look somewhat human as opposed to the original’s blocky main character. You’ll still run, duck, turn,  and jump your way through an endless maze in Temple Run 2, but you’ll also face ziplines and mine carts to help navigate your way to safety prolonging your futile existence.

To clarify, we haven’t yet had any hands on time with Temple Run 2. The folks over at Touch Arcade have, however, and insist that Temple Run 2 will be perhaps even more enjoyable than the first entry in the series. The game has gone live for free on the iOS app store in New Zealand (App Store Link), and will launch around the world throughout the day today. Touch Arcade expects we’ll see Temple Run 2 land on the US App Store around 11pm Eastern Time tonight, and once it does launch you know how we’ll be spending our free time.

No word on whether an Android version of Temple Run 2 is also coming soon to Google Play, and even less is known about Windows Phone 8 or BB10 availability. Temple Run was originally an iOS exclusive, but launched on Android several months thereafter. We’re expecting the timeframe between iOS and Android will narrow significantly with Temple Run 2, so expect to be enjoying the game on your Android device very soon.

Via: Touch Arcade

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I'm sure they'll also have an Android version of this game. Just hope that they release it the earliest time possible(sometime this month perhaps).


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