Panasonic demos half-inch thick, 20″ tablet with 4K display and stylus input

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At this morning’s International CES opening keynote,┬áChief Executive Officer of Panasonic North America Joe Taylor unveiled a new tablet which could revolutionize the way we do business. The device shown on stage featured a 20″ super thin tablet with a mind-blowing 4K resolution display running a full Windows 8 operating system. A video demonstrated a journalist using the tablet to control his DSLR camera while taking pictures at an event, then using the tablet to edit the pictures in minute detail with the large screen and stylus input.

Back on stage, journalist Lisa Ling then used the tablet to write a note on a blueprint, while Taylor talked about how an architect on a work site could alter blueprints on the fly as needed, highlighting the potential usefulness of a large enterprise-focused tablet.

While a 20″ tablet device doesn’t offer the same portability features in the iPad mini, full iPad, Nexus 10, or any other slew of consumer-oriented tablets, businesses could readily adopt such technology, especially if Panasonic or other companies make a dock available that turns the device into a fully functional computer with bluetooth keyboard and mouse input functionality.

The time with the 4K on stage was fairly brief, though we should get some hands on time with the 4K tablet at Panasonic’s booth over the next few days. Stay tuned to our YouTube channel and the Techgress site.

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This article was written by Anthony Domanico

Anthony is the Editor in Chief of Techgress, and a big mobile and gaming geek. He's covered mobile technology for the better part of three years, and gets excited about shiny, new things. He currently uses an iPhone, iPad Mini, and Nexus 7, but Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry devices are never too far away.



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