New details of the HTC M7 emerge, could bring a strong 2013 for struggling HTC

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Yesterday, an HTC Source rumor suggested that the HTC M7 could be debuted as early as the 2013 International CES show in Las Vegas next week, and that it would be the first HTC device to include on-screen buttons instead of the traditional physical buttons associated with HTC’s handsets. Little else was known about the M7, but new details have emerged today on what the M7 might bring to the table for HTC when the device launches later this year.

According to the site’s trusted sources, the M7 will feature a 4.7″ 1,920 x 1,080 full-HD display with a stunning 468 ppi as well as an “all-black” design far removed from the red accents of HTC phones past. The current prototype device is running Android 4.1.2 with a new minimalist HTC Sense overlay, most likely to launch as Sense 5.0. The device will feature 32GB of on-board storage, good for those of you who install tons of applications or want to store movies to play on that 1080p display. Unfortunately, it looks as though the M7 does not include software buttons, instead opting for the three hardware buttons found on the likes of the Droid DNA and One X+.

Sprint is rumored to be the likely carrier partner for the M7, with the device currently being tested on Sprint’s small but growing LTE network.

With no press event or significant booth presence at the 2013 CES, it’s highly unlikely we’ll see the M7 or anything else new from HTC at the show. Instead, we expect the M7 to debut at the Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona in February, which has in recent years become the de facto show for mobile handset releases from major companies.

Regardless of when the device debuts, if the rumored specs turn out to be true, the M7 could be the device that returns HTC to its former glory after several consecutive quarters of losses. HTC has long been heralded for its build quality when it comes to hardware, though its reputation has not been able to curb customers from opting for iPhones or Samsung’s Galaxy lineup of Android devices. HTC’s efforts have recently been linked to a lack of marketing efforts by the company’s own CEO Peter Chou, though the company believes 2013 will be the turnaround year for their efforts to recapture the Android smartphone market.

Of course, time will tell if HTC can be successful, and if the M7 only launches on Sprint the company will have a rough road ahead of them.

via: HTC Source

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