CES 2013 is upon us, here’s what to expect from the show

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The biggest week of tech is upon us, though what was once the mecca of tech shows is slowly losing its importance as major manufacturers instead opt to hold their own press events for major releases. What is left, then, are the middle of the road devices which highlight the need to cater to a wider audience rather than companies focused on innovation and advancing the technology industry.

Sure, we’ll get a few blockbuster handsets from companies struggling to make a name for themselves in developed markets (ZTE, Huawei, Sony, and a handful of other manufacturers have big launches, for example), but those hoping to see the first Motorola-Google handset, BlackBerry 10, or the Samsung Galaxy S IV will have to wait until later in 2013. One exception to this rule may be LG, which has recently been rumored to unveil a few new smartphones at the show, including a Samsung Galaxy Note II competitor as well as a 4.7” full HD smartphone. Another wildcard may be HTC, which according to recent rumors could be unveiling the high-end M7 at the show.

What we will definitely see, however, are tablets. Lots and lots of tablets. Tablets with higher resolution displays and more powerful SoC’s. Tablets running Windows RT, Windows 8, and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. We’ll likely see at least part of Samsung’s 2013 tablet line at the show (I’m still holding out hope for a 7” Galaxy Note tablet), as well as an LG slate that could give the Nexus 7 a run for its money. Another hopeful but unlikely CES spotting is the upcoming Surface Pro tablet set to debut in January, or even the rumored 7” Surface (or Xbox Surface) though chances are Microsoft will hold an event of its own to show off more of the Surface line.

Speaking of SoC’s, NVIDIA will likely unveil its Tegra 4 processor at the show. The Tegra 4 is expected to be a beefed up version of the 4 plus 1 architecture of the Tegra 3, with at least double the graphical prowess of NVIDIA’s last-gen SoC. If the company does unveil Tegra 4 at CES, we expect it’ll launch alongside a handful of devices, primarily in tablets.

Finally, CES will see thousands of exhibitors hoping to make the next great application, accessory, or connected device. Connected accessories and wearable technologies will likely play a prominent role, with a slew of healthcare and fitness related devices set to be unveiled, some of which could have a significant impact on their respective industries.

And there’ll be something called a Winbot 7. It’s a robot. It cleans windows. Seriously.

We’ll be on hand to bring you all the goods from the show, with coverage starting in the wee hours of Monday morning.

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This article was written by Anthony Domanico

Anthony is the Editor in Chief of Techgress, and a big mobile and gaming geek. He's covered mobile technology for the better part of three years, and gets excited about shiny, new things. He currently uses an iPhone, iPad Mini, and Nexus 7, but Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry devices are never too far away.

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